Download Netach Viewer for SOLIDWORKS 2023
Download Netach Viewer for SOLIDWORKS 2022

Release date: 01-01-2023
• Netach Viewer 2023 release
• Compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2020-2023

Release date: 01-04-2022
• STEP export of single bodies improved
• Sort by itembox description feature added

Release date: 06-01-2022
• Netach Viewer 2022 release
• Compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2019-2022

Release date: 14-04-2021
• Add .PNG file extension to Convert feature

Release date: 20-11-2020
• Netach Viewer 2021 release
• Compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2021

Release date: 13-11-2019
• Netach Viewer 2020 release
• Compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Release date: 11-02-2019
• Add software functions to support complex plugin functions
• Fix .DLL version issues

Release date: 14-11-2018
• Fix issue with double items in flat list.

Release date: 05-09-2018
• Edit references search strategy. Now in line with the SOLIDWORKS references strategy.
• Fix programm shortcut issue.

Release date: 19-06-2018
• Fix .DLL version issue NVcomp

Release date: 12-06-2018
• Export BOM file-filtering bug fixing.

Release date: 05-06-2018
• Page manager improved. pages better organized for easier and faster use.
• Property editor improved. Custom properties and Configuration Specific Properties can now be seen in one overview.
• Copy and paste between Custom properties and Configuration Specific Properties is possible now.
• Bug fixing

Release date: 05-10-2017
• XML architecture changed to improve Batch tools -> Property
• Extensions in Batch tools -> convert sorted alfabetically
• The settings file is backed up automatically
• The flat list is updated with a delay after an item in the hierarchical list is checked.
• Fixed Converting files with lower case extensions fault
• Hotkey for the Escape button. Backspace will have the same behavor as the home button
• Hotkey for the backspace button. Backspace will have the same behavor as the Back button
• Possibility to change configuration on top level items in the hierarchical list
• Possibility to change quantity on top level items in the hierarchical list
• In the hierarchical list it is now possible to select a single item. It is shown in the batch list correcltly now
• Changed behavor of flat list updating after unchecking items in hierarchical list

Release date: 21-11-2016
• More than 100 items message removed
• Options -> Page options -> Choose in which SOLIDWORKS version to open (Multiple versions supported)
• Options divided in Page options and General Options
• Imagelist update impoved, all imagelist now refreshed on startup
• Updated icons to SOLIDWORKS 2017 style
• SOLIDWORKS 2017 supported (no support anymore on 2015 and older)

Release date: 14-11-2016
• Added menu option to add the contents of the flat list to the graphical area
• Exit full screen batch page with all menu buttons
• User trial license process updated

Release date: 05-09-2016
• Copy settings options on new page creation
• Added close toolpanel button on all toolpanels, changed icons
• Active toolpanels are not closed when returning from fullscreen
• Home and Back button do not hide active toolpanels anymore
• Added notification dialog when directory manager has finished
• A notification is shown in the statusbar when a new version is available
• Drawings not visible when the option match by filename is set, with file locations that do not exists
• File locations is now the default tabpage in the options menu
• Added Icons to Options -> File locations list

Release date: 12-08-2016
• Usage of customer made plugins (like BOM to ERP conversion)
• Added directory manager to Add New Items

Release date: 08-08-2016

• Show corresponding configuration image in Property Manager and BOM Manager Preview image
• Corrected BOM manager property display. Single items for Custom properties with correct QTY’s
• Disable Show all configurations button when using Custom Properties in the Property Manager
• Open multiple selected Itemboxes at once
• Remove multiple checked itemboxes at once
• Add multiple checked itemboxes to the Startpage at once
• Drag multiple directories in the Netach Viewer at once
• Drag multiple SOLIDWORKS files in the Netach Viewer at once

Release date: 29-07-2016

• Slow search in project with many pages: Solved
• Advance Search: Shows progress when searching in selected items

Release date: 13-07-2016

• Batch list: multiple functions under one button
• Property Manager shows items sometimes twice: Solved
• Property Manager shows only the used configuration of an item
• Property Manager can show optionally all configurations