You can read below what features you get with the Netach Viewer Professional.
Do you want to meet the Netach Viewer for free? You can download the Netach Viewer and choose the trial period of 30 days, you can use the same functionality as the Professional license.

Visual hierarchical presentation of SolidWorks items
The Netach Viewer is a powerful SolidWorks project manager. With an intuitive graphical interface and the ability to visually display hierarchical assemblies great time savings will be achieved by project navigation. The graphical interface is real-time updated for a direct representation during the design process.

Quick acces to projects and files
Besides the graphic navigation through your SolidWorks projects, parts, assemblies and drawings can be quickly found and opened. Active items opened in SolidWorks can be added directly to your home page. Endlessly searching your files in Windows explorer is history.

Quick search
Are you looking for a project or component? With the Quick Search function you can search through your project locations rapidly. Simply enter a search and the Quick Search gives you instant the number of founded items. You can search on any available data, for example a project number, material, description or a dimension. Even if you only know a part of the search description, the Netach Viewer will find it for you.

Multi Page Manager
Through the Multi Page Manager you can organize your own homepage. You can create as many home pages as you want. A clever sorting of your home pages makes you differentiate your projects, for example by product categories, users or customers. This allows you to organise and find projects even easier and faster than ever before.

Advanced Search
Do you get with the Quick Search function too many search matches and want to thereby search with multiple search filters? The Advanced Search feature offers this comprehensive ability. On each product data, a filter can be made. A stainless steel M8 bolt with a length of 120mm is in no time found in your huge database.

Info Panel
With the Info panel, all product data is displayed for each SolidWorks item. This gives you direct and quick insight into product information without opening this product in SolidWorks. Also, version information about the product is displayed. All versions of a product are visible at a glance.

Where Used
Do you have a problem with a component or is there a new revision but you have no idea where this component is used? Do you want to know in which assemblies a product is used? The Where Used function in the Info Panel gives you instant results.

Batch functionality
The Batch function has been developed to automate many recurring operations, which are typically performed within SolidWorks manually. In this way, a SolidWorks user can be fully productive with engineering and save a lot of time.

The Batch tool includes the following features:

  • Property Manager
    • Add and edit easily properties to SolidWorks items without having to open the file in SolidWorks
    • Edit multiple items at one time in a table
    • Easily copy and paste properties from and to other items
    • Save custom setting per homepage
  • BOM
    • Create quick and simple a Bill Of Materials of your entire project
    • The batch tool can even handle multiple configurations on a part or assembly
    • Export to Excel or CSV format
  • Convert
    • Convert automated SolidWorks items to many CAD standards, PDF or image files
    • Even single bodies (multibodyparts) can be converted
    • Choose single files or many projects at one time
  • Export
    • Export a copy of your SolidWorks files quickly